Donation Request

All donation request must be made through our online donation request form.  We do not accept written, faxed or emailed request.

We receive many requests for donations and do our best to select the most appropriate recipients and contribute to those organizations.

We wish we could lend our support to every request we receive, however, there are several types of requests that Hill's In-House Jewelers is unable to accommodate and will not respond to request that include:

  • Solicitation on our property. We do not permit leafleting, selling candy, cookies, flowers, etc. on our property by any organization for any purpose. We can, however, consider a donation in lieu of solicitation.
  • Requests from individuals for support of personal endeavors (however, we give generously to agencies that help individuals)
  • Travel expenses for educational or extracurricular activities
  • Pageants
  • Discounted gift card programs
  • Political contributions
  • Out of Town requests

Please be aware that if you submit a request and it falls under one of the above categories NO response will be given.